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All businesses experience cycles of activity. For those in the gas and heating industry it’s often the summer months when things slow down while others, such as the pest control sector may find winter brings a lull in custom.

So, what do you do during the quieter times? Do you take time out and relax, or do you take the opportunity to do something else?

It’s these quieter times that provide the ideal window to assess your operations and review your work processes and business objectives. By comparing the way your business operates and its progress made against your business plan, you can highlight areas where improvements are needed.

A business with smoothly-executed operations is essential for workforce efficiency, optimised productivity and, ultimately, increased profitability.

This is where a review of your field service management software may be useful. Field Service technology is integral to the smooth running of your business and ensuring it’s fit for purpose is an astute move. If it isn’t performing in line with your business needs, it’s time to consider switching providers.

And what better time do this than those slower months, so that you have the resources to review your requirements and implement changes in readiness for the inevitable increase in work load.

We have talked about this previously here.

When changing your field service software consider this:

Be prepared to change. Beginning your journey to improving your mobile workforce operations is likely to involve changing both the processes your staff follow and getting to grips with how the new software works. Being prepared and communicating the changes to everyone involved will make the whole process a lot easier to manage.

Take time to train. Refreshing employee training will be necessary when implementing new field service software. You need to make sure all parties, including office staff and those working out in the field, are using it effectively and confidently so that it reaps the best possible benefits for your business.

Switching your field service software could be the best move you make to secure the future success of your business; and doing it during your slower months is an ideal time!

Workplace efficiency is essential for the growth of your business and our goal is to help you manage your workforce as effectively as possible with our field service management software.

The Wayforce field service software is easy and swift to implement for businesses across all sizes and sectors, it offers precision to your scheduling process, and will improve the use of your workforce as well as customer satisfaction.

If you’re after a specific function, we can build bespoke add-ons to suit your precise business requirements.

It’s the answer to keeping your workforce troops out in the field, where they need to be and at the right time. Take control, no other field service software technology beats this.

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The right way to manage a mobile gas workforce


Wayforce field service software drives continued success for Right Gas

A gas installation company has positioned itself as a leader in delivering an exceptional experience for its customers with the support of Wayforce field service software.

Right Gas, which is based in North West London, employs a 30-strong mobile workforce and 15 office-based staff. They have successfully embedded the system over the past three years allowing them to significantly improve communications between office staff and those working out in the field.

The introduction of the software means that the Right Gas can deliver an exceptional level of service for its customers as the improved communications between the engineers and office-based operators ensures the complex logistics of managing the field workforce are run smoothly and efficiently.

Founder and managing director, David Wright, said: “We attend around 12,000 jobs every week so managing our mobile workforce is critical to the effective and efficient running of the business.

“The Wayforce field service software, which was built specifically for our purposes, now underpins all operations of our mobile workforce. It allows us to plan where our engineers need to be, monitor the status of jobs, and ensure that they’re making the best use of their time throughout the working day.

“This has brought the business a number of benefits that contribute towards improving both our profitability and competitiveness. Because the communications between all involved parties are now joined up and much clearer, error margins have been drastically reduced and time is used efficiently!”

Right Gas was established 15 years ago and provides gas and plumbing repairs, installations and services for the domestic sector. A large proportion of their work is through insurance claims working in partnership with Homeserve, one of the UK’s leading home assistance providers.

David Wright said: “It was crucial to us that our field service technology could link with the Homeserve software and we had tried a few solutions without success. However, the Wayforce team overcame the complex technical challenge and pro-actively responded to every issue encountered with knowledge and accuracy.”

As well as ensuring that the company’s workforce always know where they need to be and when, the Wayforce field service software also manages appointment cancellations by automatically removing or rearranging them. This reduces unnecessary delays and guarantees an excellent customer experience.

David Brophy, Founder and Managing Director at Waymark IT Limited said: “Right Gas has always had a vision to deliver the best possible service for their customers and helping them to achieve their goals by using Wayforce field service management software has been enormously satisfying.

“It’s a pleasure to work with a company that is passionate about delivering the best possible service and I look forward to seeing them enjoy much more future success!”

David Wright explained: “The Wayforce team have delivered a remarkable product that has more than met our expectations. The system informs us how our workforce is performing so we can easily spot patterns of activity and behaviour and react accordingly. It’s an incredibly valued system that functions well, has made Right Gas robust and resilient, and has been the driving force behind our success.”

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Why saying thank you is good for business


Thank you! This is one of the first phrases we learn, and it’s startling how in business it’s often neglected, undervalued or completely forgotten.

When was the last time you received or sent a handwritten card, note or even made a phone call to simply say thank you to someone that has helped you, recommended you to others or has given you their time or business?

While we’re all occasionally guilty of taking a relationship for granted or not showing appreciation properly, the simple act of saying thank you can have a long-lasting positive impact on business.

Here are three reasons that show saying thank you is crucial to business success.

Build customer loyalty. It goes without saying that if treated properly customers will recommend and/or return for more, which is obviously great for business. So, it’s important to encourage brand loyalty at every stage of the process, even after the job is done.

An excellent service is one of the best ways to achieve customer loyalty and by going the extra mile to make your customers feel valued you can leave a lasting mark that will encourage them to remember you when they next need a service you offer.

Saying thank you for their custom might not seem like much but it will be the last thing they remember about using your services.

Why not go that step further with loyal customers: remember their special dates such as birthdays or work anniversaries and send a special gift or a card to encourage them to use your business again even sooner!

Improve workforce morale. No one likes feeling undervalued, especially at work and your workforce is likely to be your company’s biggest asset so it’s important to make them feel valued and happy.

You can improve motivation and job satisfaction by rewarding your workforce for a job well done. And while incentives and rewards programmes can be a great way to retain staff, the power of a simple thank you is often overlooked. An email of gratitude or a verbal thank you every now and then can really help your workforce feel appreciated and motivated, which in turn will improve morale and boost business productivity.

Attract new business! Many businesses compete for the same customers, so demonstrating that your company thanks its customers and workforce is a powerfully positive message. And thanks to the reach that social media offers, doing this couldn’t be easier.

Simply showcasing that you say thank you to your workforce, customers and those that recommend your services on your networking platforms is a great way to spread the word that your business looks after those that matter.

So, whether you pick up the phone or send a letter to say thank you, make sure you put some thought into it, make it personal, be relevant and have some fun!

Ultimately, make saying thank you part of your philosophy in doing business.

We reach out and say thank you to all of our customers so watch this space and #WayTheForceBeWithYou

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