Thank you! This is one of the first phrases we learn, and it’s startling how in business it’s often neglected, undervalued or completely forgotten.

When was the last time you received or sent a handwritten card, note or even made a phone call to simply say thank you to someone that has helped you, recommended you to others or has given you their time or business?

While we’re all occasionally guilty of taking a relationship for granted or not showing appreciation properly, the simple act of saying thank you can have a long-lasting positive impact on business.

Here are three reasons that show saying thank you is crucial to business success.

Build customer loyalty. It goes without saying that if treated properly customers will recommend and/or return for more, which is obviously great for business. So, it’s important to encourage brand loyalty at every stage of the process, even after the job is done.

An excellent service is one of the best ways to achieve customer loyalty and by going the extra mile to make your customers feel valued you can leave a lasting mark that will encourage them to remember you when they next need a service you offer.

Saying thank you for their custom might not seem like much but it will be the last thing they remember about using your services.

Why not go that step further with loyal customers: remember their special dates such as birthdays or work anniversaries and send a special gift or a card to encourage them to use your business again even sooner!

Improve workforce morale. No one likes feeling undervalued, especially at work and your workforce is likely to be your company’s biggest asset so it’s important to make them feel valued and happy.

You can improve motivation and job satisfaction by rewarding your workforce for a job well done. And while incentives and rewards programmes can be a great way to retain staff, the power of a simple thank you is often overlooked. An email of gratitude or a verbal thank you every now and then can really help your workforce feel appreciated and motivated, which in turn will improve morale and boost business productivity.

Attract new business! Many businesses compete for the same customers, so demonstrating that your company thanks its customers and workforce is a powerfully positive message. And thanks to the reach that social media offers, doing this couldn’t be easier.

Simply showcasing that you say thank you to your workforce, customers and those that recommend your services on your networking platforms is a great way to spread the word that your business looks after those that matter.

So, whether you pick up the phone or send a letter to say thank you, make sure you put some thought into it, make it personal, be relevant and have some fun!

Ultimately, make saying thank you part of your philosophy in doing business.

We reach out and say thank you to all of our customers so watch this space and #WayTheForceBeWithYou

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