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Heating firm seals exceptional customer service with Wayforce field service software.

Gas installation firm, Quality Heating Services, has cemented its excellent customer service reputation through its long-term adoption of Wayforce field service software.

The Buckinghamshire-based company, which employs over 85 engineers and a further 18 office-based staff, have embedded the system over the past eight years.

The use of the software has ensured the company deliver an excellent level of service for customers while ensuring smooth engineer operations and the ability to fulfil all contractual requirements.

Mario Pascoe, Director of Customer Service, said: “We attend over 90,000 services each year for our social housing and private sector clients. The Wayforce field service software has become integral to our business and underpins the operations of our social housing heating engineer workforce, allowing us to plan where our engineers need to be, monitor the status of all jobs, and ensure that they’re making the best use of their time.

“This makes perfect commercial sense for us and has undoubtedly helped us to improve our competitiveness; we’ve seen the success rates in winning tenders increase significantly.”

Quality Heating Services has been established since 1995 and provides specialist Gas Safe approved central heating maintenance and installation services for local authorities and housing associations based across London and the South East of England. They also provide around-the-clock emergency breakdown cover for domestic and commercial heating systems.

The Wayforce field service software has also helped Quality Heating Services fine-tune communications between its office-based team members and the mobile workforce to ensure installations, services and repairs are managed and reported effectively.

The company has been using Wayforce field service software so successfully that they’re now in the process of upgrading it with a bespoke add-on to suit their specific business requirements.

Mario explained: “The Wayforce team are truly exceptional at providing a first-class product and service and we’re now working with them to upgrade the software so it’s tailored to our exact requirements. They really listen to us, understand our business needs and always provide pro-active advice.”

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GDPR and Wayforce

What is the GDPR?

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is the most significant legislative change in European data protection laws. The GDPR, which becomes enforceable on May 25, 2018, seeks to strengthen the security and protection of personal data in the EU and serve as a single piece of legislation for all of the EU.  GDPR will replace the EU Data Protection Directive (Directive 95/46/EC) as well as any and all the local laws relating to it.

Who does the GDPR apply to?

The GDPR applies to all organisations operating in the EU or processing “personal data” of EU residents. It defines personal data as any information relating to an identified or identifiable natural person.  It is important to know that businesses operating outside of the EU who also process personal data of EU residents are also subject to the GDPR

What do the changes mean for your business?

All organisations will need to demonstrate the security of the data they are processing and their compliance with GDPR on a continual basis. This will require you to construct, implement and regularly review your processes, technical measures as well as compliance policies.

Does Waymark IT have an updated privacy policy to meet GDPR requirements?

Yes – we at Waymark have a new privacy policy that applies to all companies within the Waymark group of companies. Our new privacy policy reflects the changes we have made in the operation of our business to ensure GDPR compliance.

Our Privacy Policy can be accessed here.

Where does Wayforce fit into your GDPR accountability?

Wayforce is designed to help businesses carry out work they are instructed to do by their customers. The data collected and stored to deliver those services should already be in line with your GDPR policy.

It is important to note that Wayforce is a Field Service Management product and not a GDPR compliance tool, and the use of Wayforce should be in line with your company’s own GDPR policy.

As mentioned, there are many aspects of your business outside of Wayforce where you will need to review processes to ensure they are in compliance with GDPR. It is recommended that you seek professional advice on GDPR if you are unsure of your requirements and responsibilities in relation to the law.

There are a number of areas applicable to your use of Wayforce which should be reviewed regularly as part of ensuring your compliance to your GDPR policies.  We have provided a checklist below, on your use of Wayforce and how it applies to GDPR compliance.

The publications on this website with regards to GDPR are only intended to provide a summary and general overview on the application of the GDPR to your business whilst using our systems. It is not intended to be comprehensive nor does it constitute legal advice.

Basic GDPR Checklist for using Wayforce

Below we have detailed some of the basic measures you should be implementing and be reviewing regularly to ensure you comply with GDPR during your use of Wayforce.

Remember – there are many other parts to the operation of your business outside of Wayforce where processes will need to be reviewed to ensure they are in compliance with the GDPR also.

As you know, every business is unique in how they operate and therefore the information is to be only used as a quick guide with regards to your use of Wayforce.

If in doubt as to how GDPR will affect your business we always recommend you seek professional advice from a GDPR specialist.

How do I ensure data is protected in Wayforce?

User Accounts

  1. Ensure regular reviewing / auditing of access to your users of the Wayforce system.
  2. Ensure that unused or expired accounts have their access removed to limit the potential for unlawful access to data.

User Permissions

It is important that assigned user permissions within Wayforce are appropriately set and reviewed regularly.

Wayforce security groups are designed to restrict or limit access to various functions within Wayforce based upon a user’s role in your organisation.


Enforce a strong password policy to protect systems and data. Ensuring these passwords are complex will add an additional level of security to your data, in line with your security processes.

We also recommend having a password policy in place to ensure users change their passwords on a regular basis, this again minimises any potential risk of data breaches.

Mobile Device Management

One of the benefits of cloud-based software like Wayforce is that it can be accessed anywhere using a mobile device. However, this raises issues with how data on the device is kept safe particularly if staff are using their own devices.

Companies who use Wayforce mobile applications have full control over who is using it and therefore who can access personal data within it. From within Wayforce, you can control who is able to use the app and turn off access if someone leaves or if a device is lost or stolen, to prevent any data breaches.

If you operate a BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) policy it is your responsibility to know what devices your business data is being accessed on and to ensure that these devices are secure.

GEO Information

The adoption of GDPR does not prevent you using geo related information around jobs and engineers activities, within the Wayforce Mobile application. However, it is recommended that you consider a company policy around this in order to comply.

Using Personal Data

If you look to export personal data from Wayforce into another 3rd party software such as a CRM. Then you will also need to ensure that the usage of that 3rd party software is also in line with the GDPR, as well as ensuring any temporary storage of data, during a transfer, is handled in accordance to your own GDPR compliant data handling policy.

Need more information?

The Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) web site has an excellent range of information and a number of helpful guides on the GDPR that may be helpful in reviewing your compliance.

Get your workforce on excellent form – all the time!

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There’s no longer any room for excuses to provide anything less than a professional service. Your customers expect it and, undoubtedly, it affects your reputation and ultimate success.

However, the nature of the jobs your workforce undertake can often result in mess, dirty-looking uniforms and paraphernalia, along with scruffy paperwork, certificates and other documentation.

While this is certainly no fault of your workforce, good appearances and professional documentation are important; you want to ensure that your customers are left with a long-lasting good impression of your company.

This is where digitalising forms, certificates and other documentation can help.

Few things create a worse impression than handing over scruffy and battered certificates after carrying out services, repairs or inspections. Whether it’s a new installation or repair and maintenance works, your customers should receive clean, crisp and legible documentation. This is particularly essential for documentation that evidences compliance and statutory requirements such as gas safety LGSRs (CP12) certificates.

But, it’s true to state that traditional paper pads and forms can easily get battered in work vehicles and often get covered in dirt and grease, while poor handwriting impenetrable jargon and bad spelling or grammar all contribute to making reading certificates difficult.

With Wayforce field service software, every document produced will be presentable and legible.

Auto-filled information is standardised, making every certificate easy to read and understand, and the need to print out is removed – copies can be sent to all concerned parties in a heartbeat and stored on a computer instead of in bulky filing cabinets.

The need for your workforce to take copies of documents back to the office is also removed as the files can be made available to your administrative staff the moment they are completed.

What are the other benefits?

Personalised branding. With digital documents you can give your customers certificates and other paperwork that are branded with your company logo and other important information like contact and VAT details. Customising these documents with your field service company’s name and colours ensure that the certificates are unmistakably yours and contributes to presenting a professional service and image.

Streamline your data. Digitising your documentation will transform your operations and optimise the collection and processing of your field service data. It will allow your workforce to capture information on their electronic devices like tablets and phones, when out on the field; automatically reschedule appointments; remove the risk of losing vital information; and seamlessly fit into the rest of your workflows and systems.

Meet your environmental credentials. Using digital documents eliminates the need for paper; this will improve the carbon footprint of your field service business, allowing you to work towards a more sustainable world and meet any carbon reduction measures and environmental standards you’ve got in place.

Digital documents and certificates can address many of the day-to-day pain points you face while operating a modern field service business. With all of these benefits, you can ensure that your field service workforce is always providing the excellent customer service that is expected while projecting the glowing professional image that your business deserves.

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With a plan, you can achieve anything!


Our Commercial Director, Paul Lofthouse, successfully completed an Ironman triathlon, which comprised a 2.4 miles swim, 112 miles cycle and running for 26.2 miles. This impressive task was achieved within 11 hours and 44 minutes.

But achieving this dream didn’t come overnight. While Paul was reasonably fit and had completed a few marathons, he could barely swim and hadn’t cycled in earnest for decades.

It took a lot of planning coupled with determination and sheer hard work to face the physical and mental challenges that the Ironman triathlon the triathlon presented.

The parallels that can be drawn between applying the techniques between achieving a big goal like this and running a successful business shouldn’t go unnoticed.

Here’s our tips on how to improve your chances of achieving your ambition, no matter how impossible it seems.

Make a plan. It sounds obvious, but to achieve any goal, you need to think about how you’ll get there. Write down the actions you’ll need to complete. Think about the skills equipment and resources you’ll need; the help you’ll need from other people; any finances required; and a realistic timetable. Writing all this down will not only help clarify what you need to do, it’ll also be a useful document to show anyone who may want to pitch in and help out.

Put in the time. When the going gets tough, stick in and use your time wisely. Make your goals time-bound and set realistic but aggressive deadlines so that your goals challenge you. Even if it’s just 20 minutes each day – be ruthless about using this time to help achieve your ambition.

Focus your energy. Plan and monitor your performance. Stop dissipating your energy in areas which won’t take you closer to your goal. Instead, review your plan and its actions and be prepared to review and revise as you go along.

Seek support. No matter how ambitious you are to succeed, it can be difficult to achieve goals on your own. So, if you’re serious about achieving your big goal build a support network. Get friends and family involved to cheerlead you; find a mentor who can help you stay on track; or join a group of like-minded people who may be willing to help you.

Don’t be shy! With the right plan in place you can dream big and enjoy the success of achieving your goal! #WayTheForceBeWithYou