There’s no longer any room for excuses to provide anything less than a professional service. Your customers expect it and, undoubtedly, it affects your reputation and ultimate success.

However, the nature of the jobs your workforce undertake can often result in mess, dirty-looking uniforms and paraphernalia, along with scruffy paperwork, certificates and other documentation.

While this is certainly no fault of your workforce, good appearances and professional documentation are important; you want to ensure that your customers are left with a long-lasting good impression of your company.

This is where digitalising forms, certificates and other documentation can help.

Few things create a worse impression than handing over scruffy and battered certificates after carrying out services, repairs or inspections. Whether it’s a new installation or repair and maintenance works, your customers should receive clean, crisp and legible documentation. This is particularly essential for documentation that evidences compliance and statutory requirements such as gas safety LGSRs (CP12) certificates.

But, it’s true to state that traditional paper pads and forms can easily get battered in work vehicles and often get covered in dirt and grease, while poor handwriting impenetrable jargon and bad spelling or grammar all contribute to making reading certificates difficult.

With Wayforce field service software, every document produced will be presentable and legible.

Auto-filled information is standardised, making every certificate easy to read and understand, and the need to print out is removed – copies can be sent to all concerned parties in a heartbeat and stored on a computer instead of in bulky filing cabinets.

The need for your workforce to take copies of documents back to the office is also removed as the files can be made available to your administrative staff the moment they are completed.

What are the other benefits?

Personalised branding. With digital documents you can give your customers certificates and other paperwork that are branded with your company logo and other important information like contact and VAT details. Customising these documents with your field service company’s name and colours ensure that the certificates are unmistakably yours and contributes to presenting a professional service and image.

Streamline your data. Digitising your documentation will transform your operations and optimise the collection and processing of your field service data. It will allow your workforce to capture information on their electronic devices like tablets and phones, when out on the field; automatically reschedule appointments; remove the risk of losing vital information; and seamlessly fit into the rest of your workflows and systems.

Meet your environmental credentials. Using digital documents eliminates the need for paper; this will improve the carbon footprint of your field service business, allowing you to work towards a more sustainable world and meet any carbon reduction measures and environmental standards you’ve got in place.

Digital documents and certificates can address many of the day-to-day pain points you face while operating a modern field service business. With all of these benefits, you can ensure that your field service workforce is always providing the excellent customer service that is expected while projecting the glowing professional image that your business deserves.

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