Winter has been with us longer than usual this year and as a gas and heating contractor, you’ve probably been running at full capacity with a deluge of heating repairs and installations for the duration.

Additionally, the frequency of extreme weather events, like snowstorms and freezing conditions, will contribute to an increase of emergency jobs that need to be factored in to your workforce’s schedule.

While this is certainly good for business, it may well have been overwhelming to manage the influx smoothly and efficiently. However, the season will eventually change and with it bring quieter times where you can take the opportunity to review your current situation and put in place strategies to protect, and even grow your business, all with an eye on preparing for the next busy winter!

What can you do now?

Be prepared! Winter (generally) arrives at the same time every year so it makes sense to develop a plan during summer to make sure that you can handle unexpected increases in demand and make sure customer service remains top-notch during your busiest times.

Invest in your field management software. Can it be better? Can it be developed to further improve your workforce field management during peak times and avoid a potential winter of discontent?

Wayforce field service management software helps you to keep tabs on sales and bookings and allows you to track your workforce throughout the year. Your field workers can quickly and easily manage their paperwork without having to make visits to the office, which significantly boosts the amount of work they can complete in a day. And, if you’re after a specific function, we can build bespoke add-ons to suit your specific requirements.

Train your staff. The quieter months are a great time to invest in your workforce’s training and make sure all systems are being used correctly to maximise your business’s efficiencies and customer satisfaction levels. Think especially about how to increase productivity that will ensure more work can be taken on during peak times while reducing potential problems and hassle!

Encourage maintenance all year round. Flurries of work may be the norm during winter in the gas and heating industry, but it’s important to ensure a steady level of business all-year round. Convincing customers to have their boilers maintained and certified during the summer months may be a challenging task but, if done well, you’ll create an excellent business opportunity. So why not use the slower months to target your customers with a personalised offer and schedule in those maintenance service jobs?

#WayTheForceBeWithYou and get in touch to request a free demo to see exactly how you can avoid a winter of discontent!