There’s no two ways about it, all aspects of your workforce’s behaviour can have a huge impact on your company. From the way they drive the company vehicles to the way they treat your customers; it all counts. They are, in effect, your brand ambassadors and have a lot of clout with the impression your company makes!

It’s essential that your workforce knows what’s expected of them when out and about on the road and when dealing face-to-face with customers, as bad habits really can be bad for business in more ways than you might think.

Consider your company’s:

Reputation. Having your workforce out on the road every day with your company brand emblazoned on uniforms and vehicles is a fabulous marketing tool! But what happens if a member of your workforce is found to be driving recklessly, or being unpleasant to your customers?

Bad behaviour, unintended or not, can ruin the customer’s experience and their journey with your business. This, in turn, may create ill-will and even negative publicity which will only damage your brand. It’s more important than ever for your workforce to refrain from doing anything, both on and off the road, that could be perceived as offensive.

Profitability. It’s well-documented that careful driving will save costs in term of fuel expenditure and long-term maintenance costs. Clearly, a safer driver is also less likely to have accidents, which will therefore reduce your risk of incurring inflated insurance premiums. Making such savings can only be good for your company’s bottom line.

Productivity. Aside from creating a negative first impression with customers, the impact of bad timekeeping is often higher than many expect; a few wasted minutes here and there all adds up and will certainly impact the productivity of your workforce. Poor punctuality by a few will also place additional burdens on the rest of the workforce, dent performance evaluations, and may impact customer feedback.

But, it’s impossible for your workforce to know what to do and how to ensure the above issues are considered thoughtfully without clear guidance and systems in place throughout your company.

That’s where Wayforce field service management software can help. Our system is affordable and easy to implement for businesses across all sizes and sectors and allows you to monitor where your workforce is and the status of all jobs, addressing vital time-keeping needs. Even your clients can check their progress and leave feedback with our smiley face system before they signoff a job.

Your field workers can quickly and easily manage their paperwork without having to make visits to the office, which significantly boosts the amount of work they can complete in a day. And, if you’re after a specific function, we can build bespoke add-ons to suit your specific business requirements.

Don’t let bad habits or behaviour tarnish your business. Get in touch for a free demo and #WayTheForceBeWithYou!