Four ways to motivate your workforce

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It’s no secret that the importance of creating an excellent team is one of the most significant factors of running a business.

Any company is only as good as its workforce so it’s vital that you invest time in helping develop and cultivate the individual members of your team.

Of course, this doesn’t happen overnight. It’s a continual process that should be built into your business operations and the culture of your company.

Here are some simple things you can do to motivate and inspire your workforce, enable them to excel at their job, and feel excited about working for you and their role within your company.

Praise success. Regularly! It sounds logical but praising, thanking, or even simply acknowledging great work is often overlooked. Most workers thrive on feeling appreciated; ways to do this can include company award ceremonies and doling out gifts; but the impact of smaller, more meaningful gestures shouldn’t be underestimated. Sending a thank you email, recognising achievements in newsletters and on social media, or shout outs in team meetings will also go a long way to making your workforce feel appreciated and respected.

As Sir Richard Branson said: “When you lavish praise on people, they flourish. Criticise, and they shrivel up.”

We have talked about the importance of saying thank you here.

Inject some fun. Hard work certainly pays off but encouraging your workforce to enjoy themselves on occasion will increase the productivity levels of their work, and overall life and job satisfaction. Field service workforce members work alone much of the time so organising regular get-togethers, such as monthly lunches, or activities like bowling nights, barbeques and picnics can be the kind of thing they will look forward to and enjoy. Remember, the happier your workforce is, the more engaged and productive they will be.

Support development. Investing in continuous professional development and training will not only make sure your workforce stay up-to-speed with the latest technology, skills and systems, but will also demonstrate that you’re committed to helping them be the best they can be. Proving the opportunity to expand their skill sets and progress within your company will motivate your workforce and, in turn, they will strive to achieve the goals and targets you set.

Provide the right tools! If your field service workforce are bogged down with unnecessary paperwork, take time searching for directions, or are unable to access a customer’s property to complete a job they’ll not only get frustrated and demotivated but they won’t make best use of their time, which will impact on your bottom line.

Wayforce field service software will help your workforce operate at their optimal level. Your field workers can quickly and easily update customers, allows them to manage paperwork quickly and easily, and boosts the amount of work they can complete.

Ultimately, motivating your employees isn’t a selfless gesture; it will make your workforce stronger, increase their efficiency and productivity, and help your business thrive.

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Making the field service software switch

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All businesses experience cycles of activity. For those in the gas and heating industry it’s often the summer months when things slow down while others, such as the pest control sector may find winter brings a lull in custom.

So, what do you do during the quieter times? Do you take time out and relax, or do you take the opportunity to do something else?

It’s these quieter times that provide the ideal window to assess your operations and review your work processes and business objectives. By comparing the way your business operates and its progress made against your business plan, you can highlight areas where improvements are needed.

A business with smoothly-executed operations is essential for workforce efficiency, optimised productivity and, ultimately, increased profitability.

This is where a review of your field service management software may be useful. Field Service technology is integral to the smooth running of your business and ensuring it’s fit for purpose is an astute move. If it isn’t performing in line with your business needs, it’s time to consider switching providers.

And what better time do this than those slower months, so that you have the resources to review your requirements and implement changes in readiness for the inevitable increase in work load.

We have talked about this previously here.

When changing your field service software consider this:

Be prepared to change. Beginning your journey to improving your mobile workforce operations is likely to involve changing both the processes your staff follow and getting to grips with how the new software works. Being prepared and communicating the changes to everyone involved will make the whole process a lot easier to manage.

Take time to train. Refreshing employee training will be necessary when implementing new field service software. You need to make sure all parties, including office staff and those working out in the field, are using it effectively and confidently so that it reaps the best possible benefits for your business.

Switching your field service software could be the best move you make to secure the future success of your business; and doing it during your slower months is an ideal time!

Workplace efficiency is essential for the growth of your business and our goal is to help you manage your workforce as effectively as possible with our field service management software.

The Wayforce field service software is easy and swift to implement for businesses across all sizes and sectors, it offers precision to your scheduling process, and will improve the use of your workforce as well as customer satisfaction.

If you’re after a specific function, we can build bespoke add-ons to suit your precise business requirements.

It’s the answer to keeping your workforce troops out in the field, where they need to be and at the right time. Take control, no other field service software technology beats this.

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Get your workforce on excellent form – all the time!

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There’s no longer any room for excuses to provide anything less than a professional service. Your customers expect it and, undoubtedly, it affects your reputation and ultimate success.

However, the nature of the jobs your workforce undertake can often result in mess, dirty-looking uniforms and paraphernalia, along with scruffy paperwork, certificates and other documentation.

While this is certainly no fault of your workforce, good appearances and professional documentation are important; you want to ensure that your customers are left with a long-lasting good impression of your company.

This is where digitalising forms, certificates and other documentation can help.

Few things create a worse impression than handing over scruffy and battered certificates after carrying out services, repairs or inspections. Whether it’s a new installation or repair and maintenance works, your customers should receive clean, crisp and legible documentation. This is particularly essential for documentation that evidences compliance and statutory requirements such as gas safety LGSRs (CP12) certificates.

But, it’s true to state that traditional paper pads and forms can easily get battered in work vehicles and often get covered in dirt and grease, while poor handwriting impenetrable jargon and bad spelling or grammar all contribute to making reading certificates difficult.

With Wayforce field service software, every document produced will be presentable and legible.

Auto-filled information is standardised, making every certificate easy to read and understand, and the need to print out is removed – copies can be sent to all concerned parties in a heartbeat and stored on a computer instead of in bulky filing cabinets.

The need for your workforce to take copies of documents back to the office is also removed as the files can be made available to your administrative staff the moment they are completed.

What are the other benefits?

Personalised branding. With digital documents you can give your customers certificates and other paperwork that are branded with your company logo and other important information like contact and VAT details. Customising these documents with your field service company’s name and colours ensure that the certificates are unmistakably yours and contributes to presenting a professional service and image.

Streamline your data. Digitising your documentation will transform your operations and optimise the collection and processing of your field service data. It will allow your workforce to capture information on their electronic devices like tablets and phones, when out on the field; automatically reschedule appointments; remove the risk of losing vital information; and seamlessly fit into the rest of your workflows and systems.

Meet your environmental credentials. Using digital documents eliminates the need for paper; this will improve the carbon footprint of your field service business, allowing you to work towards a more sustainable world and meet any carbon reduction measures and environmental standards you’ve got in place.

Digital documents and certificates can address many of the day-to-day pain points you face while operating a modern field service business. With all of these benefits, you can ensure that your field service workforce is always providing the excellent customer service that is expected while projecting the glowing professional image that your business deserves.

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Good behaviour is best for business!

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There’s no two ways about it, all aspects of your workforce’s behaviour can have a huge impact on your company. From the way they drive the company vehicles to the way they treat your customers; it all counts. They are, in effect, your brand ambassadors and have a lot of clout with the impression your company makes!

It’s essential that your workforce knows what’s expected of them when out and about on the road and when dealing face-to-face with customers, as bad habits really can be bad for business in more ways than you might think.

Consider your company’s:

Reputation. Having your workforce out on the road every day with your company brand emblazoned on uniforms and vehicles is a fabulous marketing tool! But what happens if a member of your workforce is found to be driving recklessly, or being unpleasant to your customers?

Bad behaviour, unintended or not, can ruin the customer’s experience and their journey with your business. This, in turn, may create ill-will and even negative publicity which will only damage your brand. It’s more important than ever for your workforce to refrain from doing anything, both on and off the road, that could be perceived as offensive.

Profitability. It’s well-documented that careful driving will save costs in term of fuel expenditure and long-term maintenance costs. Clearly, a safer driver is also less likely to have accidents, which will therefore reduce your risk of incurring inflated insurance premiums. Making such savings can only be good for your company’s bottom line.

Productivity. Aside from creating a negative first impression with customers, the impact of bad timekeeping is often higher than many expect; a few wasted minutes here and there all adds up and will certainly impact the productivity of your workforce. Poor punctuality by a few will also place additional burdens on the rest of the workforce, dent performance evaluations, and may impact customer feedback.

But, it’s impossible for your workforce to know what to do and how to ensure the above issues are considered thoughtfully without clear guidance and systems in place throughout your company.

That’s where Wayforce field service management software can help. Our system is affordable and easy to implement for businesses across all sizes and sectors and allows you to monitor where your workforce is and the status of all jobs, addressing vital time-keeping needs. Even your clients can check their progress and leave feedback with our smiley face system before they signoff a job.

Your field workers can quickly and easily manage their paperwork without having to make visits to the office, which significantly boosts the amount of work they can complete in a day. And, if you’re after a specific function, we can build bespoke add-ons to suit your specific business requirements.

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