The right way to manage a mobile gas workforce


Wayforce field service software drives continued success for Right Gas

A gas installation company has positioned itself as a leader in delivering an exceptional experience for its customers with the support of Wayforce field service software.

Right Gas, which is based in North West London, employs a 30-strong mobile workforce and 15 office-based staff. They have successfully embedded the system over the past three years allowing them to significantly improve communications between office staff and those working out in the field.

The introduction of the software means that the Right Gas can deliver an exceptional level of service for its customers as the improved communications between the engineers and office-based operators ensures the complex logistics of managing the field workforce are run smoothly and efficiently.

Founder and managing director, David Wright, said: “We attend around 12,000 jobs every week so managing our mobile workforce is critical to the effective and efficient running of the business.

“The Wayforce field service software, which was built specifically for our purposes, now underpins all operations of our mobile workforce. It allows us to plan where our engineers need to be, monitor the status of jobs, and ensure that they’re making the best use of their time throughout the working day.

“This has brought the business a number of benefits that contribute towards improving both our profitability and competitiveness. Because the communications between all involved parties are now joined up and much clearer, error margins have been drastically reduced and time is used efficiently!”

Right Gas was established 15 years ago and provides gas and plumbing repairs, installations and services for the domestic sector. A large proportion of their work is through insurance claims working in partnership with Homeserve, one of the UK’s leading home assistance providers.

David Wright said: “It was crucial to us that our field service technology could link with the Homeserve software and we had tried a few solutions without success. However, the Wayforce team overcame the complex technical challenge and pro-actively responded to every issue encountered with knowledge and accuracy.”

As well as ensuring that the company’s workforce always know where they need to be and when, the Wayforce field service software also manages appointment cancellations by automatically removing or rearranging them. This reduces unnecessary delays and guarantees an excellent customer experience.

David Brophy, Founder and Managing Director at Waymark IT Limited said: “Right Gas has always had a vision to deliver the best possible service for their customers and helping them to achieve their goals by using Wayforce field service management software has been enormously satisfying.

“It’s a pleasure to work with a company that is passionate about delivering the best possible service and I look forward to seeing them enjoy much more future success!”

David Wright explained: “The Wayforce team have delivered a remarkable product that has more than met our expectations. The system informs us how our workforce is performing so we can easily spot patterns of activity and behaviour and react accordingly. It’s an incredibly valued system that functions well, has made Right Gas robust and resilient, and has been the driving force behind our success.”

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A quality workforce to be reckoned with


Heating firm seals exceptional customer service with Wayforce field service software.

Gas installation firm, Quality Heating Services, has cemented its excellent customer service reputation through its long-term adoption of Wayforce field service software.

The Buckinghamshire-based company, which employs over 85 engineers and a further 18 office-based staff, have embedded the system over the past eight years.

The use of the software has ensured the company deliver an excellent level of service for customers while ensuring smooth engineer operations and the ability to fulfil all contractual requirements.

Mario Pascoe, Director of Customer Service, said: “We attend over 90,000 services each year for our social housing and private sector clients. The Wayforce field service software has become integral to our business and underpins the operations of our social housing heating engineer workforce, allowing us to plan where our engineers need to be, monitor the status of all jobs, and ensure that they’re making the best use of their time.

“This makes perfect commercial sense for us and has undoubtedly helped us to improve our competitiveness; we’ve seen the success rates in winning tenders increase significantly.”

Quality Heating Services has been established since 1995 and provides specialist Gas Safe approved central heating maintenance and installation services for local authorities and housing associations based across London and the South East of England. They also provide around-the-clock emergency breakdown cover for domestic and commercial heating systems.

The Wayforce field service software has also helped Quality Heating Services fine-tune communications between its office-based team members and the mobile workforce to ensure installations, services and repairs are managed and reported effectively.

The company has been using Wayforce field service software so successfully that they’re now in the process of upgrading it with a bespoke add-on to suit their specific business requirements.

Mario explained: “The Wayforce team are truly exceptional at providing a first-class product and service and we’re now working with them to upgrade the software so it’s tailored to our exact requirements. They really listen to us, understand our business needs and always provide pro-active advice.”

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