Four ways to motivate your workforce

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It’s no secret that the importance of creating an excellent team is one of the most significant factors of running a business.

Any company is only as good as its workforce so it’s vital that you invest time in helping develop and cultivate the individual members of your team.

Of course, this doesn’t happen overnight. It’s a continual process that should be built into your business operations and the culture of your company.

Here are some simple things you can do to motivate and inspire your workforce, enable them to excel at their job, and feel excited about working for you and their role within your company.

Praise success. Regularly! It sounds logical but praising, thanking, or even simply acknowledging great work is often overlooked. Most workers thrive on feeling appreciated; ways to do this can include company award ceremonies and doling out gifts; but the impact of smaller, more meaningful gestures shouldn’t be underestimated. Sending a thank you email, recognising achievements in newsletters and on social media, or shout outs in team meetings will also go a long way to making your workforce feel appreciated and respected.

As Sir Richard Branson said: “When you lavish praise on people, they flourish. Criticise, and they shrivel up.”

We have talked about the importance of saying thank you here.

Inject some fun. Hard work certainly pays off but encouraging your workforce to enjoy themselves on occasion will increase the productivity levels of their work, and overall life and job satisfaction. Field service workforce members work alone much of the time so organising regular get-togethers, such as monthly lunches, or activities like bowling nights, barbeques and picnics can be the kind of thing they will look forward to and enjoy. Remember, the happier your workforce is, the more engaged and productive they will be.

Support development. Investing in continuous professional development and training will not only make sure your workforce stay up-to-speed with the latest technology, skills and systems, but will also demonstrate that you’re committed to helping them be the best they can be. Proving the opportunity to expand their skill sets and progress within your company will motivate your workforce and, in turn, they will strive to achieve the goals and targets you set.

Provide the right tools! If your field service workforce are bogged down with unnecessary paperwork, take time searching for directions, or are unable to access a customer’s property to complete a job they’ll not only get frustrated and demotivated but they won’t make best use of their time, which will impact on your bottom line.

Wayforce field service software will help your workforce operate at their optimal level. Your field workers can quickly and easily update customers, allows them to manage paperwork quickly and easily, and boosts the amount of work they can complete.

Ultimately, motivating your employees isn’t a selfless gesture; it will make your workforce stronger, increase their efficiency and productivity, and help your business thrive.

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Preparing your workforce for winter weather


With winter upon us, are you prepared for weather emergencies? Snow, ice, and high winds during these cold months can create situations that will financially impact your business.

Severe weather events are becoming more frequent and roads and transport services can be affected for extensive lengths of time. This means your field service workforce members take much longer to get to their destination or, in some cases, can’t get there at all.

Your responsibility as a field service business owner is to recognise these risks and develop contingency plans not only to minimise disruption to your business, but to secure its long-term survival, profitability and growth.

While you can’t control severe weather events, there are some ways you can minimise disruption. Here are some simple ways to prepare for winter weather no matter how bad the storm.

Get prepared. Review and get familiar with your company insurance policies and know which types of damages and lost revenues are covered. Get additional coverage if necessary.

Examine your policies. A severe weather policy should ensure that your workforce is aware of the rules that will apply if they have difficulty fulfilling their duties because of bad weather. A winter driving policy should outline the procedure to follow in the event of an emergency, such as an accident, breakdown or getting caught up in bad weather. Read our blog about planning ahead for the winter months here.

Manage your resources. During winter weather conditions your field service workers will face increased pressure to respond to customer demands in a timely manner. Manage the likely surge in emergency jobs through your field service technology and pre-warn your workforce to be on stand-by so you can make sure you’ve got appropriate resources available.

Equip your workforce.  Ensure that your workforce can continue their duties by equipping them with the tools and knowledge they need to complete jobs in even the harshest winter weather conditions. Make sure that your workforce vehicles are fully serviced and maintained in the winter months and are equipped with ‘cold weather’ tyres and that staff have warm and weather-proof uniforms.

Prepare for emergencies through training. It’s impossible for your workforce to know what to do and how to ensure the above issues are considered thoughtfully without clear guidance and training. Investing in staff training is vital to ensure that: they are aware of your severe weather policies and procedures; they operate in a safe way during a weather emergency; and that all departments, including office staff and those working out in the field, are using your field service software effectively and confidently.

Wayforce field service management is affordable and easy to implement for businesses across all sizes and sectors. it allows you to monitor where your workforce is and the status of all jobs, addressing vital time-keeping needs even during challenging weather conditions.

Your field workers can quickly and easily update customers on their expected time of arrival and rearrange appointments. It also allows them to manage paperwork without visiting the office, reducing travel requirements and boosts the amount of work they can complete.

And, if you’re after a specific function, we can build bespoke add-ons to suit your specific business requirements.

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